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In October of 2002 this designation was introduced by the Center for Fiduciary Studies. It is the first and only designation that illustrates knowledge and competency in the area of fiduciary responsibility. Holders of the AIFA® mark have successfully completed a specialized program on the global ISO fiduciary standard of excellence and subsequently passed a comprehensive examination. Designees must be able to understand and articulate the legal and regulatory environment surrounding the fiduciary, be able to develop and implement an effective investment management process applying the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory, document all due diligence, and above all, treat their clients with the utmost prudence and care.

AIFA® Designees are qualified to do a formal Fiduciary Assessment of the investment process followed by Investment Stewards, Investment Advisors and Investment Managers of Institutions, Foundations,Trusts and Large Pension Funds. AIFA® Designees can assist the Institution, Investment Advisor and Investment Manager through the necessary steps leading to Certification that the Global Fiduciary Standards of Excellence are being met. Dr. Miller currently is one of six AIFA® Designees in Hawaii.